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athletic department

the aim of the athletic department is on physical fitness and conditioning. based on the principles of �a sound mind in a sound body,� our goal is to encourage participation in organized activities and competitive sporting events. the major components of the athletic department are:



youth sports (presidential sports award maybe earned by eligible participants)


teen sports


adults pro-am league


professional sports camps and clinics


youth golf


�teach the teacher� officiating program


professionally-run martial arts programs:

a. international rules
b. federation affiliated

education department

the major focus of the education department is to ensure continued academic success, intellectual growth for members/participants and instructional programs focused on homework and the curriculum content standard adopted by the california state department of education. the major components of this department are:

1. general education tutoring program
a. classroom enhancement b. math, science, english tutoring c. reading enhancement
2. language program
a. beginning spanish b. beginning russian c. beginning french d. beginning chinese e. beginning korean f. beginning italian g. beginning japanese g. english as 2nd language.
3. occupational training program
4. computer and language laboratory
5. gang and street violence awareness and intervention
6. child/spouse abuse awareness and intervention

music & arts department

the music and arts department focuses on self-expression, the development of creativity, as well as recreation, and relaxation. the major components of these departments are:

a. art program- provides classes in sculpture, clay-molding, painting, drawing and individual forms of self-expression.
b. music program- provides instruction in reading and writing music (vocal, instrumental, public performance, etc.), as well as generalized music appreciation and interpretation. singing classes, opera classes, special karaoke events and jam sessions.

collaborative programs

support all three departments; these are essential considerations for the success of the cappeal program. include herein are

a. latchkey program- provides comprehensive, safe, reliable transportation from school to sponsored cappeal activity locations and home again if needed.

b. cafeteria program- provides nutritious home-style cooked meals and snacks to cappeal participants during all cappeal sponsored activities, especially, during meal hours.

providing a safe haven for program participants is essential to running our programs. they offer many advantages for our targeted audience-young people- in that they ensure their well-being and adult supervision throughout the day, and not merely when the individuals are at school.

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